Make the Move.



Fortune Cookie Life Lesson #5

It’s up to you to make the next move.

Have you ever been in between a rock and a hard place? Where you know that you need to make a decision and the decision you make will significantly affect your future? Maybe you are stuck in a job that never goes anywhere, or you are just looking for more in your life. Either way, you are going to need to make a plan for the next step otherwise you may be regretting that you never did.

1. What involves making a move?

To answer this question, I would say an awful lot. When someone is playing a game, of chess does the competitor instantly go for the next move or do they take time to plan out the strategy. The only way the person will make a move so suddenly as if they know instantly what the outcome will be. When you first realize you need to make a step forward take some time to think about all the things that will change your life. Taking a look at the pros and cons of the decision can relieve some of the stress in trying to figure out if this move will lead you in a right direction.
If you are unhappy with where your life is headed it is probably time to make a move in another direction. Sometimes this move doesn’t even need to be drastic, little changes in how we look at our lives can also help us know which direction we need to go.
There have been times in my life where I have been completely unhappy with myself and new the only way to fix this was to change the way I thought about who I was. I needed to create my happy and work every day at making it happen. This challenge was not easy, but I learned to love myself and be able to see myself in a positive light. I knew that if I continued on a path of self-hatred that it would lead to me being stuck in an unhealthy relationship with my mind and I refused to let that negativity win. I made a move to start by living my days to the fullest. Even on the hardest days, I tried to find a content element. I made sure to keep those around me that gave me positive feedback and support. I worked hard at fixings the things that I feel I may have done wrong to create such a monster in me. I had to make this move if I wanted to feel what I desired and that was to be happy with me. By making this move, I am working to make my life the fullest it can be. I no longer sit and sulk and make myself miserable instead I chose to love every day and myself to the fullest.
There are decisions in life that may be directed in letting someone or something go in order to bring positive change to one’s life. Many times we keep the things around that are holding us down, and this can keep us from moving in a positive direction. Even though we may have the most love for this person or this situation we need to take a step back and ask ourselves ” Is this going to get my life in the direction that I want it to go?” If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to reevaluate the time that is spent on this. Letting go can also be feelings of anger and resentment. Many times there are feelings that can hold us back from making a move forward in life. We need to acknowledge those feelings and once we do we need to not go back to them. The hurt and pain we once felt will go away with time and soon the pain that we dealt with for so long becomes a guided light that will bring us motivation and happiness. Letting go doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forget what happened but know that the feelings that were holding you back are no longer there and have made you a stronger person.
There are also times in our lives that we just want to have something new. So many of us are so used to the same old routine every day, and yes some people are completely content with this option, and that is wonderful. There are still those of us that still have a want whether it involves a job, a family, or a particular life we want to be able to attain this goal. Wanting something for ourselves is not wrong or selfish it just means that we are feeling incomplete. If you wish to achieve a goal, you must make a move to get yourself there.

2. Why should I make a move?
Learning new things is always beneficial to life. Learning to cook a fresh meal makes life much tastier. Learning to fix something on your car will help you save money. Making moves in life helps us discover new and exciting things. If we take the time to make a move, this will involve a new adventure that we would have never dreamed of experiencing. Making life choices can also be a bit nerve-wracking. I have a friend who works for a gym teaching classes. She has decided to venture out and get a specific certification for her to venture out on her own. This choice to move forward in her career has had her learning and discovering new things for the last few months. She has gone beyond her comfort zone and decided to make a move to help improve her career and financial future. She made a choice and even though there were days that she thought she couldn’t attain her goal she kept trying and learning.
Some of our choices we will make will not have the best outcome and this is perfectly ok to have happen. If we didn’t try how would we ever know? A person can’t keep going on in life with the question what if I did this, how would my life be different. Being stuck in life is unfulfilling and creates a sense of dissapointment and taking the chance rather than letting it pass you by helps a person realize what they want, to begin with.

Making moves in life can be very rewarding. Although, there will be times in our life that will have us kicking ourselves and for these choices, we can learn and grow from the decision that is made. By making a move, our lives begin to develop, and this helps us in figuring out our purpose. These changes do not need to be huge. These changes can be as small as recognizing the positive in our lives. Even the most minor moves we will make in our lives may give us the most significant benefit.



Does Skill Bring You Luck?


Fortune Cookie Life Lesson #4
It is a great piece of skill to know how to guide your luck even while waiting for it.

Take a minute to think about the luckiest person you know. Why is this person so lucky, and what makes them so lucky?

Who Has the Best Luck?
When I stop and think about all the people that I have come across in life that I considered lucky, certain things come to mind. These individuals may have certain things that I would have wanted, or they may seem to have everything go their way. I never once considered myself all that lucky, but then I don’t know if I understood what it meant to be lucky. When I look back at these people that I thought had so much success whether it was their job or how they lived their lives I always wondered how on earth I could attain the same thing.
Many of these people had lots of good things going for them. Some hard-working individuals always had a goal in mind. They were diligent in getting the things done that they needed to attain their success. These lucky people never took no for an answer, and this is something that I desperately wanted to be a part of, and I always took the safe route because I also noticed that these lucky people were also a little risky and it always seemed to pay off.
As I grew older, I realized that maybe these lucky people I knew were just really good at creating success by doing certain things in their lives.

What is Skill and What is Luck?
Luck is something that is brought on by chance usually involving someone’s actions. Fate can be kind, or it can be wrong, and it often comes along by chance. Skill is the capability of doing something well. If a person can take skill and turn it into something that brings them success, this could be a way of having good luck. Many times we are taught that if we have luck, it is because something just happens to fall into our path. No work involved and we are being gifted with this along the way. Although, the luck we may receive may also be unfortunate and then we are wondering if we are cursed. The skills that someone has can help their chances of having the life that we dream of having.
I remember as a kid that I often would give up if I were not able to receive instant gratification. As I grew older, I began to realize and see that if I put effort into the things I want I would be able to attain what I wanted. Now there were times when this did not work, and I often wondered what I did wrong. I feel that these times were better for me as I could recognize that something did not work and I must try again, and usually, I would end up with the result that I wanted in the beginning. I began to understand that my luck was not by chance but by way of learning and not throwing in the towel.

How do we Bring Our Luck?
There will those of us that will win a lottery, or invent a new and improved device that will make the world a better place, but as for the rest of us how can we create our luck? I feel that success in one’s life is luck. It may not even be a huge event maybe something as simple as paying off a bill or receiving a raise at your job can bring a person all sorts of luck. Being able to take a look at all the positives in your life and know how lucky you are to have them. I never thought about looking at all the positive things in my life and considering them a part of luck. Remember that success does not happen overnight and if it doesn’t work try again till something does. You never know what will work and what won’t unless you try. No successful person ever just sat there waiting for something to happen.
Every day I thank my lucky stars for my family, and to be able to help give them a good life is one of the most fortunate things I get to experience. I haven’t always been so lucky, and it has taken me awhile to get to where I am because of some of the pitfalls in life. One thing I know is you can either dust yourself off and keep working, or you can wait for some luck to just drop out of the sky and onto your lap. I think I will pick the first option.


Are the Trolls Present

Fortune Cookie Life Lesson #2

Keep your goals away from the trolls.

I have been practicing this thought process for the last couple of years and have learned many things in the process.   I did not realize that I should probably be doing this until about five years ago.   I began to notice that there were certain situations or individuals that got a kick out of my downfalls.  It took me a while to recognize and understand that not only was this unhealthy but it was downright abusive.  It was time for me to celebrate my successes without constant criticism and ridicule.

When a person mentions trolls today one might relate back to the cute movie with all the colorful little beings that spread all sorts of happy around. That movie is adorable and loved by every kid I know. In the film Trolls, there is still one negative and sarcastic troll that does not feel the need to brighten anyone’s day. I think that trolls today are very much the same as depicted in the fairy tales that I used to read as a child.  They are purely there to cause complete chaos to those around them.  A troll is usually angry and wants to make those around them as miserable as they are.  Nowadays trolls can be a person or a situation in life that instead of helping a person grow can keep a person stuck in a rut and usually it is for the troll’s entertainment. Trolls can be involved in families, friendships, and even the internet.

Throughout my life, I have come across quite a few trolls.  I had specific people tell me not to try things because I would not be able to accomplish an unattainable goal in their eyes.  Although I was told this, I still managed to complete this task.  Even though I was able to prove this individual wrong it still left me with a feeling of insecurity, especially when these people may have been great friends and family.  Deep down I know that there were those that had intentional disdain for whatever I was doing and then there were those that I think they were just purely unhappy with life in general.  It wasn’t necessarily directed at me, but that these people were so unhappy.  I worked very hard to prove a point and in most if not all cases I completed the task above and beyond what would have been expected.  A person never likes to hear that they aren’t capable.   I always held my head high and put a giant smile on my face.

One of the situations that I have had to overcome with trolls is a little disease called alcoholism.  I was not the alcoholic but I was always dealing with addiction with people I love.  This situation caused severe anxiety, and it took everything in me to survive, and I wasn’t even the one with the problem.  Many times I would be called upon to save the day, and when I did, there was never any appreciation.  This troll unfortunately destroyed some of my relationships only because I had to walk away.

One day the light switch went on, and I decided that it was time to take a good hard look at those people and situations around me and determine what was going to support me and what or who wasn’t.  I came to realize that I did have an excellent support system that brought positivity to the table.  With them bringing this it helped me to be motivated, and I managed to do things I never thought would happen.  I also noticed that putting those positive people on my priority list it gave me more time to get things done.  Instead of spending my time with the troll and having it suck the life out of me I managed to make my life happen.  I am happier with what I have done with my life and felt a sense of peace because I no longer have to deal with something that wants to see me fail.

The one thing I have learned by keeping the trolls away from my goals is that it doesn’t matter who or what is holding you back you can control your outcome in life.  I had to learn that even though I may have had these things and people say no you can’t do this, I always remembered if there is a will there is a way.  I don’t regret these experiences because they have made me who I am today.  Thank you trolls for making me tough, and even when I feel like my world could be coming down, I know that I can always get back up.

No Worries Move Forward

Week 1

Life Lesson Fortune

Instead of worrying and agonizing, move ahead constructively.

Each week I have decided to take one of our papers from our fortune cookie collection and try and use it in my life. By doing this, I hope to be able to create good, helpful habits that may not have been and also be able to help those around me. Reading this fortune gave me quite a laugh when I reached into our glass jar and read what was on the paper. As I read the sentence, I could not help but think yep this is a sign as I do struggle with worry and yes I do agonize over it. I focused on this particular paper for one week, and every time I worried I said to myself “no worries, move forward,” and the results were terrific.

I have been a chronic worrywart most of my life. As a child, I worried about everything. I feared so much that it created intense anxiety in me that raged like a Tasmanian devil. Not to say that some of my worries were not valid. Many of the concerns I had growing up were pretty convincing and in all honesty, they were fears that I should have never had to experience. As I grew, my worries continued, and so did the anxiety. I felt a need to control everything around me because I thought that if I could manage all things that my worries would end. In most cases, these worries never ended they just kept growing. My worrying, in all honesty, made me sick. The concern would keep me trapped, and I could not do the things that maybe I wanted to do.

Over the last few years, I have gotten better at not being so concerned about everything but every once in a while my worries would get the best of me. So when I reached in the jar and pulled out this paper, I thought “Well I guess it’s time that I conquer the one thing that has to held me back, and maybe I will be able to vanquish the worry monster.”

I began my week with going about my business as usual with the exception that I began to worry I made myself repeat the phrase “No worries move forward.” I have to admit that I used this phrase probably ten times just in the morning on the first day. One thing I began to notice is that I worry an awful lot and most of the things that were so concerning to me in all actuality were so small. I am a stay at home mom with two kids that I homeschool, and just on that very first morning, I had a list of concerns. I had to take a look at what I was worried about and ask myself “Is this a valid concern?” and most of the time no it was not. It was me trying to control every little instance of that morning. That was the first time I ever acknowledged that I should probably chill out a bit. As the week progressed I kept practicing my new phrase with anything and everything that came up that would cause me to go into fight or flight mode, and just saying my little phrase created a calm that for once instead of the worry controlling me I was controlling how I dealt with the situation.

I noticed that even though my days are not always the way I want them it is ok. I am still here, and life will still go on. I never looked at life that way, and it was like I saw things in a different light. This way of thinking gave me the freedom to take a situation no matter how stressful it may be and I could decide what I wanted to do with it. I spent my whole life trying to control the uncontrollable and I now I finally had a say in how I was going to react, and it worked.

Instead of worrying if my kids were getting their chores done before school, I’d tell myself my phrase, and we would catch up in the afternoon. I began to notice that the kids started doing their chores in the morning because they wanted to be able to spend time with their friends. I didn’t have to fight this one as much anymore. Rather than me nag and worry if it was going to get done I picked my battle and let them figure it out. If there was something that was not going as planned I would immediately repeat my phrase and let it go and move on to the next task and it was ok because life still went on and everything was fine and in some cases better then if it would have gone with the original plan.

The worry that stemmed from my childhood had carried into my adulthood, and I did not know how to deal with it. I decided that this was one thing that was holding me back and it took a tiny white piece of paper to get me to see it. Don’t get me wrong there is still time I get a little overzealous but now those times are far and few. I continue to use my phrase whenever I feel the urge to go back to my old ways, and it saves me anytime and anywhere. I can honestly say that I am no longer a worry wart, instead,  I am someone who can control the worry that comes my way.


Worry Pic