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It all started with a stay at home mom and a giant box of fortune cookies.  My husband loves fortune cookies and he loves collecting the little papers in the cookies. One night as we were opening up some crunchy little delights I had this bright idea of how awesome would it be to start taking each of these little papers and using them in my life. Not only were they delicious but the meanings were pretty deep and I saw a purpose with these at the time that would improve the way I lived my life.  Hence the reason for this little blog.

My blog is fun and can give you a little boost along the way.  Sometimes they are deep but that is because I have had an opportunity to learn the great lessons and want to share the experience other times I write to give myself an awesome reminder of what I am supposed to be doing.  Above all, I hope I can share some good and make life a little better for others.

This blog is about life and what we do everyday good and bad.  These lessons are here to make us aware and give us ideas on how to make life better.


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Shauna Stoddard is a stay at home mom, wife, business owner, and writer.  She is the author of the ebook The Home: A Guide to Keeping Freedom and Dignity in Nursing Home Life as well as the author of the Fortune Cookie Life Lessons blog.  She lives in Fort Collins Colorado and enjoys life to the fullest.

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