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Why would anyone write about fortune cookies?  This is a very valid question.  My husband is an avid fortune cookie eater, and he loves to collect the little pieces of paper that come in these crispy little cookies.  He would literally bring boxes of these things home, and every day he would grab a few for a snack and read the phrases out loud.

At the time this was going on we were actually getting out of the pit of despair which was financial ruin, a career change and some serious ups and downs that had happened in our life.  We made a career change and moved to a place we had never lived before to start fresh.  So I think in a way these little papers became our lifeboat on how we lived the rest of our life.

I started to take a look at these little phrases myself and began to realize how they helped me along the way.  Yes, some of these papers didn’t mean much, but most of them had some lesson that I could really get some value out of.  So I started to read them and focus on what they were telling me, and I noticed that once I thought I was utterly lost, I have now found something that gave me some purpose and positivity in my life.  I literally became infatuated with these saying and how I can apply them to myself and the people and things around me.

I decided to write this blog because I saw something that I once lost had gradually come back to life, and I thought that maybe this little blog along the way could do the same for someone else.  Writing the blog posts have made dig deep into who I am and realize changes that I needed to make in myself to give myself the best life.

I wanted to find happiness and a sense of purpose in my life.  These papers have helped me in many different situations good and bad.  It has helped me take a look at the hard things that I have buried deep inside and had made these things that held me back come to light.  What did not kill me only made me stronger.

With that being said I sincerely hope you enjoy these posts.  I hope that you can get a little extra out of them if you are searching for your purpose.  Please comment on them and let me know what has worked for you.  I would love to hear from you.  Who would have guessed you can get so much out of something so tiny.


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