What Does it Mean to be Authentically me?



Why would anyone want to write about fortune cookies?

This is a fabulous question and one I even pondered myself, but what I would not realize is how much a tiny piece of paper and a crispy little cookie could make such a difference in my life.

My family loves fortune cookies especially my husband.  He loves them so much that we bought boxes of these cookies at a time.  Of course, they lasted for quite a while, and with each cookie, he loved reading the message he received when he cracked open that little crispy goodness.  He always read the words to the kids, and he and I would then place the paper in a glass jar on the counter.  That is what started our fortune cookie collection.

Every once in a while I would join him in his nightly ritual, I would eat the cookie then read the paper and then place the article in the jar. Never thinking about it again.  A couple of years ago I was searching for a purpose, and one night I opened a cookie, and it hit me that I received an answer.  When I read that little slip of paper I knew that I had to get a hold of this life and that is precisely what I did.

Reading these papers have given me a direction and realizations that I did not recognize before.  This is the reason for the Fortune Cookie Life Lessons blog.  I realized I had a passion for helping and finding purpose not only in my life but also helping others as well.

What makes me the happiest is to see the light in my family and others being able to write and share the things I have had learned in life and that helps me reach out more.  I don’t know exactly yet what my purpose is but I do feel like I am on the right track.  When you find something that makes you want to get up in the morning you know, it’s well worth looking into.

I have had some very significant things that have happened in my life that has caused me to gain strength.  I have had minor and major setbacks just like most of the world and have taken these experiences and tried to learn and move forward in my life and these fortune cookie papers have given me a path to follow.

Why am I writing this blog?  I am writing this because I love to write and I love to share.  I hope that if someone is searching like I was a couple of years ago, you may find a post that benefits your life in some way.

Each paper is unique and has made me take a look at all sorts of aspect in my life.  I feel that these affirmations have given me strengths that I never knew I had and has given me a sense of accomplishments.

My most significant accomplishments in my life are my family, overcoming health and financial trouble, and finding my authentic self and loving what I have become.  Know that it is never too late to make the changes that will make your purpose known.



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