4 Ways to Turn Vision into Reality

Fortune Cookie Life Lesson #8

Watch one’s thoughts become one’s actions.

I had experienced this affirmation throughout the last couple of year’s when I made a decision a couple of years ago to become healthier. When I first started out on my healthy life journey, I focussed on just getting well. I was 34 and suffering from extremely high blood pressure. I felt miserable and could hardly do anything. After a health check with the doctor that did not go as well as I wanted too, I decided it was time for me to change the way I was treating my body.
I started by focusing on my eating habits and made little changes. I knew that would be the only way I would be able to conquer this uphill battle that I was fighting for years. I started to juice, and my husband decided to join in which helped keep me on track because he wanted to make juice every morning. So that was a morning ritual that we did almost every day for the last two years.
I have worked on one goal after another and am proud to say I have accomplished many healthy goals in the last two years. I am a better eater, I am not perfect and do love an occasional sweet, but now I can limit what I put in instead of being uncontrollable. I am stronger probably more than I have ever been mentally and physically. I kettlebell train and love the challenge and strength it has given me. It has proven to me that yes I can be strong and in the past, I did not give myself enough credit even to try some of the things I do now. I am happy and content with my body and my mind for the first time in my life. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without some vision of wanting this bad enough to make the change.
After I was able to work on one small goal, I would then move on to the next and just keep building from the previous target. I needed to start visualizing the small stuff to get where I wanted. I realized that if I envisioned one thing at a time not only did it help me overcome my obstacle but it gave me the strength to take on the next one. Here are four things that helped me turn my vision into reality.

1. Make a Vision Board 

Vision boards are perfect for goal setting. They help you to visualize what you want out of life. What makes a good vision board? Think about your life goals and try to make them as detailed as possible. On my vision board, I put an image of healing and health. I posted words such as strength and motivation. Whatever words or pictures you might consider helping you to be motivated and to keep you reaching your goals should be on your vision board. Try to give as many details about your goals on your board. Think about your purpose for this vision board and what you want to get out of your life. Break down your goals and interest make a section for where you want your career or for your relationships. Focusing on these things individually will help you focus on one thing personally rather than everything all at once. Give your vision a theme and have fun with it. Make your board something that you want to focus on and enjoy seeing. Visually seeing your goals gives you a belief that the goal you are focused on will happen.

2. Remember Small Goals are Building Blocks

As the famous saying goes ” Rome wasn’t built in a day.” so we need to remember that attaining our vision takes time. By working on small goals and taking one step at a time, we can complete what we want without having to be overwhelmed with the tasks of daily living. Not only do we have to focus on our goals but we also have lives that involve other things besides what we are working towards. By breaking our vision down, we can still take care of what needs to be done every day and still focus on what we want out of our lives and not become overwhelmed with trying to balance the two.

3. Actions Speak Louder than Words
Taking action will always get us closer to our vision we just need to take the plunge. Sometimes it can be scary by jumping in and taking that first step but how else will we be able to learn, grow, and attain what we want out of life. By taking action, we are committing to make that first step into our vision. Thinking about what we want is one thing but making a move is another. We can talk about what we want all day long but being able to work towards our vision takes effort and puts our idea on a more realistic path.
When I started on my health journey my first step was to juice. I didn’t focus on exercise or getting rid of sweets. I took one thing and worked on it for a while till I felt comfortable and then I added in something else. My vision kept building from there, and I was able to keep focused on what I wanted, and that was a healthy happy body.

4. Positive vs. Negative Thinking
Our thoughts can lead us in many directions. If we are thinking negative thoughts we may never obtain what we want out of life, we will lack the motivation to want to make the change. Negative thoughts like to hold us prisoner and keep us from making things happen. Changing our negative view of positive thinking, we are then able to give ourselves the motivation to make a move. Positive thoughts provide us with strength even when we may fall from what we want out of life. With positive thinking even when we fall backward, we can still stay focused and not dwell on what we were not able to get right.

Be a visionary and keep your eye on the prize.  Use a vision board with images and phrases that really get you motivated. Start with small goals and once the small goals get completed the move on to the larger ones.  This helps the vision from becoming overwhelming and gives you a brighter picture to follow.  Go out and get things done and don’t wait for someone or something to do something for you,  start today.  The more you wait for the less likely you will want to do things in the future.  Positivity breeds success and negativity make life harder.  Even when your hit hard do not give up and keep on going.  Keep your eye on the path and watch the vision you once had turn into reality.



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