Are the Trolls Present

Fortune Cookie Life Lesson #2

Keep your goals away from the trolls.

I have been practicing this thought process for the last couple of years and have learned many things in the process.   I did not realize that I should probably be doing this until about five years ago.   I began to notice that there were certain situations or individuals that got a kick out of my downfalls.  It took me a while to recognize and understand that not only was this unhealthy but it was downright abusive.  It was time for me to celebrate my successes without constant criticism and ridicule.

When a person mentions trolls today one might relate back to the cute movie with all the colorful little beings that spread all sorts of happy around. That movie is adorable and loved by every kid I know. In the film Trolls, there is still one negative and sarcastic troll that does not feel the need to brighten anyone’s day. I think that trolls today are very much the same as depicted in the fairy tales that I used to read as a child.  They are purely there to cause complete chaos to those around them.  A troll is usually angry and wants to make those around them as miserable as they are.  Nowadays trolls can be a person or a situation in life that instead of helping a person grow can keep a person stuck in a rut and usually it is for the troll’s entertainment. Trolls can be involved in families, friendships, and even the internet.

Throughout my life, I have come across quite a few trolls.  I had specific people tell me not to try things because I would not be able to accomplish an unattainable goal in their eyes.  Although I was told this, I still managed to complete this task.  Even though I was able to prove this individual wrong it still left me with a feeling of insecurity, especially when these people may have been great friends and family.  Deep down I know that there were those that had intentional disdain for whatever I was doing and then there were those that I think they were just purely unhappy with life in general.  It wasn’t necessarily directed at me, but that these people were so unhappy.  I worked very hard to prove a point and in most if not all cases I completed the task above and beyond what would have been expected.  A person never likes to hear that they aren’t capable.   I always held my head high and put a giant smile on my face.

One of the situations that I have had to overcome with trolls is a little disease called alcoholism.  I was not the alcoholic but I was always dealing with addiction with people I love.  This situation caused severe anxiety, and it took everything in me to survive, and I wasn’t even the one with the problem.  Many times I would be called upon to save the day, and when I did, there was never any appreciation.  This troll unfortunately destroyed some of my relationships only because I had to walk away.

One day the light switch went on, and I decided that it was time to take a good hard look at those people and situations around me and determine what was going to support me and what or who wasn’t.  I came to realize that I did have an excellent support system that brought positivity to the table.  With them bringing this it helped me to be motivated, and I managed to do things I never thought would happen.  I also noticed that putting those positive people on my priority list it gave me more time to get things done.  Instead of spending my time with the troll and having it suck the life out of me I managed to make my life happen.  I am happier with what I have done with my life and felt a sense of peace because I no longer have to deal with something that wants to see me fail.

The one thing I have learned by keeping the trolls away from my goals is that it doesn’t matter who or what is holding you back you can control your outcome in life.  I had to learn that even though I may have had these things and people say no you can’t do this, I always remembered if there is a will there is a way.  I don’t regret these experiences because they have made me who I am today.  Thank you trolls for making me tough, and even when I feel like my world could be coming down, I know that I can always get back up.


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